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We're #1 in Practical Tools for Productive Conversations!
At ICP, our mission is to build vital and satisfying relationships at home, work, and in other areas of life. To do this, we provide tools for productive conversations and offer communication maps, skills, and
processes that are:

Based on modern information and complex adaptive systems theory,
in addition to findings from neuroscience

Grounded in research and development conducted originally at the University of Minnesota

ICP may be best known as the developer and registered trademark holder of the Awareness Wheel® (or Information Wheel®), which is a map of a person's experience of any issue or situation and the foundation for clear talking and listening skills. The map appeared first in the original version of COUPLE COMMUNICATION, an educational program published by ICP, and the Wheel has continued since then as part of our various communication programs (such as programs for business and college/university classes). Other frameworks for which we are noted include the Styles of Communication®,

the Listening Cycle®, and the collaborative decision-making and conflict-resolving process called Mapping-an-Issue™.

Also developed by ICP is the Collaborative Marriage™ Model (a healthy marriage framework), which generates the kinds of questions asked in the ThriveSphere (and gives perspective to the 2007 revision of COUPLE COMMUNICATION).

The ThriveSphere grew from the collaboration of Sherod Miller, PhD,
CEO of ICP and co-developer of the communication programs, Dan Lord,
PhD, Professor of Marriage and Family at Friends University in Wichita, KS, and Phil Lawson, CEO and founder of Spherit and creator of the sphere technology.

To help people learn how to use the tools and skills, ICP provides training, materials, and a certification process to develop quality facilitators, instructors, and coaches for:

Relationship awareness

Effective talking and listening skills

Systemic decision-making processes

Collaborative conflict resolution

Interpersonal Communication Programs, Inc. (ICP)

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, Ph.D., CEO

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Interpersonal Communication
Programs, Inc.
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