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Who is ThriveSphere for?

A ThriveSphere may be taken by any couple—married or unmarried—who share a history and anticipate a future together. The tool is useful for a couple who wants to understand their strengths and challenges better.

Couples getting ready for marriage—to compare their vision for life together with their current ways of relating.

Partners at a juncture in life where they have important decisions to make.

Couples in marriage counseling—wanting a practical map to help them understand where they are, where they want to be, and how to go about the change process.

Special circumstances, such as being a military couple anticipating or returning from deployment.

For any couple who want to be on the same page, collaborating to build a more satisfying and fulfilling journey together across time.
“We were separated when we came to counseling, thinking of getting a divorce. After talking about our Thrive results, we could see hope for getting back together.”