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How is ThriveSphere helpful to you as a couple?

When you see the whole of your relationship displayed as a ThriveSphere chart on one page, you quickly gain new awareness - understanding not attainable any other way. Through a constructive conversation with your partner, guided by a trained ThriveSphere facilitator, you:

See where you are and where you want to be.

Identify your strengths to capitalize on them.

Choose challenges to meet.

Discover pathways for creating a more healthy, mutually satisfying, and fulfilling relationship.

Mark progress from any marriage counseling or marriage education program in which you are involved.

“We do not understand why all therapists don't use Thrive. We had been to three therapists previously and had given up on therapy and our marriage. A friend told us about a therapist that used Thrive with them. So we tried it and LOVED it. The connections the Thrive made for us were indeed life changing. We have referred several other couples to this therapist and they have marveled at their Thrive results.”