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The question arises, “Is ThriveSphere valid?” Do the questions that are asked represent the concepts or operations they are attempting to measure?

A ThriveSphere is validated internally by the couple themselves. Each partner decides for himself or herself if their couple (overlay) sphere-chart accurately captures the experience of their unique relationship. The validity of a ThriveSphere is not determined externally, by comparing the partners on a construct with other couples in a related sample group. The most important validation of a sphere-chart is the end user couple as authority.

If reliability means that the answers to the questions would be the same (consistent) if the instrument is taken at a later time, then reliability in the classic sense does not apply. Rather, the question is, does the ThriveSpere capture the perceived changes of a couple in their relationship when the instrument is taken at a later time?

Again, the primary authority is the couple themselves. Couples report that the ThriveSphere is quite sensitive to capturing and displaying change, as they have changed.
Reflectment vs Assessment

ThriveSphere is a “reflectment” that wholistically captures the unique
experience of a couple, validated by a couple themselves, for meaningful conversation and their own use. ThriveSphere is not an “assessment”—a diagnostic or predictive instrument—based on a cluster of scaled items. It does not utilize the same theory base or methodologies as such instruments.

When facilitated by a skilled professional, ThriveSphere encourages and allows couples to take responsibility for their actions and their future. With it, a facilitator helps them navigate their own way.