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ThriveSpheres Support Change Research

ThriveSpheres are qualitative in nature. They capture an extensive
amount of information as subjective ratings about a couple's
perceptions of their relationship.

As a result, each couple's sphere-charts is unique, both in relation to other couples, and in relation to each time a ThriveSphere is taken by the same couple. ThriveSpheres are sensitive to each partner's present experience and therefor subject to change over time.

The ThriveSphere tool provides researchers the ability to study how couples change across time resulting from counseling, healthy marriage education, natural relationship development or deterioration. Partners' nodal responses and the spherical configurations they create, plus the couple’s own explanation

and interpretation of their ThriveSphere-Charts, promise a greater understanding of how couples live, love and change.

Coordinators and consultants for ThriveSphere research are:

William Bailey, Ph.D.
University of Arkansas

Daniel Wackman, Ph.D.
University of Minnesota.
(Dr Wackman is also a
co-developer of the C

Since ThriveSphere is a new tool, we are in the initial stages of studying couple change with this instrument. We welcome for review any well designed research proposals to study couple change, using
ThriveSpheres. Please contact ICP.

“ThriveSphere is a way to see, and then to experience, the foundational blocks
of a healthy relationship, and it helps you to shore up a sometimes shaky foundation.”