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Facilitator Qualifications
We welcome you to become a ThriveSphere facilitator if you qualify in
one of the following ways:

1.You are a Licensed or Certified Professional in any of the fields

Marriage Counseling or Therapy

Marriage Education

Pastoral Counseling


Social Work

2. You are a Practitioner-in-Training, such as:

A graduate student in a human service field

An intern, working on licensure or certification
Whether student or intern, you must first locate a licensed professional who is willing to consult with you and be available to
receive referrals from you when you believe this would be appropriate for a couple.

If you qualify, please click here to complete an application for training.

Computer Skills are Required
As a ThriveSphere facilitator, you must be sufficiently knowledgeable about and comfortable with using a computer to:

1. Access the internet for ThriveSphere facilitator training as e-learning.

2. Direct couples to take a ThriveSphere online.
3. Access and print couples' Sphere Charts (from your own online ThriveSphere administrative account, assigned once you have completed training). A color printer is recommended.

4. Participate, if you choose, in occasional online ThriveSphere user-group webinars. You participate in a webinar by simultaneously using your computer and screen (to access and see) and a telephone (to listen and talk).