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Content of Facilitator Training
ThriveSphere facilitator training is conducted on your computer over the Internet as e-learning. The facilitator training process takes approximately 3 hours to complete.

The content is presented in 8 separate, engaging training modules. You can view the training modules at your convenience, any time day or night, starting and stopping as you choose . The only requirement is that you complete the 8 modules within a period of 14 days.

The 8 ThriveSphere Facilitator Training Modules include:

1. Introduction

2. The Thinking Behind the Sphere

3. Entering a Couple’s ThriveSphere Story (Facilitator’s Sphere-Chart Preview)

4. Facilitation Skills for Helping Couples discuss their ThriveSphere-Charts

5. Facilitating the Couple Review Session

6. Building a Strengths Perspective for Couple Action

7. Managing Administrative Details for the ThriveSphere

8. Practice Building: ThriveSphere Application and Uses

During the training, you will learn how to:

Use ThriveSphere as a practical tool for couples.

Present and describe the features of a ThriveSphere-Chart Template.

Incorporate theory of “complex adaptive systems” and recent findings
from neuroscience and marriage research as foundation for ThriveSpheres.

Direct couples to your ThriveSphere website to take a ThriveSphere.

Preview ThriveSphere-Charts in terms
of matches, gaps, trends, and
inter-connections among partner responses in each of the seven sectors
(in preparation for facilitating a couple's review session).

Facilitate constructive-productive couple conversation as you review
ThriveSphere-Charts with a couple.

Build on a couple’s strength-resources, to engage challenges and
bring about relationship growth

Use your private ThriveSphere administrative account to access,
print, and store couple ThriveSphere-Charts.

Position ThriveSphere for effective use and growth of your practice.