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ThriveSphere Facilitator Training Fee

The fee for ThriveSphere Facilitator training is $85.00. (This includes your couple website and administrative account.)

Option for Married Couple Facilitators:

Married couple facilitators who work together with couples may take the training together and share one administrative account. To do this, they must register together for the training. The cost is $85.00 for the first partner and $42.50 (a 50% discount) for the second one. If each partner wants his or her own couple website and administrative account, then they must each pay $85.00.
COUPLE COMMUNICATION Instructors receive discounts on the ThriveSphere Facilitator Training:

30% discount (off $85.00) for a Trained COUPLE COMMUNICATION Instructor, which is $59.50.

50% discount (off $85.00) for a Certified COUPLE COMMUNICATION Instructor, which is $42.50.