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ThriveSphere Prices
ThriveSphere Prices

ThriveSpheres are sold only to trained ThriveSphere facilitators.

They are purchased exclusively from:

Interpersonal Communication
Programs, Inc.
Evergreen CO 80439
The cost for a ThriveSphere is $25.00 per couple. A ThriveSphere can be taken again by the same couple two more times within the year (three times altogether) at no additional charge for the tool.

Discount Schedule:

1 to 4 ThriveSpheres - $25.00 ea.

5 to 9 ThriveSpheres - 5% discount

10 or more ThriveSpheres - 10% discount

ThriveSphere Referral Registry

ThriveSpheres facilitators who purchase and use 10 or more ThriveSpheres per year are eligible to be listed on our national facilitator registry. (See
Find a Facilitator above.)