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How do ThriveSpheres benefit you as a facilitator?
As a trained ThriveSphere facilitator, you can offer a couple more help—work deeper and accomplish more in the time available—by starting with a clear picture of their relationship. In the process you:

Stimulate and structure productive couple dialogue.

Gain a wealth of useful information from the perspective of each partner.

“I introduce the Thrive at the first session and go over their results on the second meeting. Thrive allows us to get to the heart of the disconnect more quickly”
“I have found the ThriveSphere to be a very useful tool in both pre-marital and marital counseling.”

Identify strengths and "action points" to leverage positive change.

Increase the quality of time spent with a couple.

fter working with a couple for a while, when you believe they are ready, you may have the couple retake a ThriveSphere "reflectment" two more times within a year (at no additional cost to you for the tool). These new snapshots capture both stability and change as the partnership develops across time.

Repeated reflectments provide:

Useful, data-based feedback to a couple on their change-process.

Accountable systemic benchmarks— outcome measures—as you monitor the impact of your work with a couple.

Accumulated feedback on the effectiveness of your practice with multiple couples.

Finally, ThriveSpheres build referrals as satisfied clients can also see in a visual way what they have gained from your counseling or educational work with them.

“I really enjoy using this tool with couples. It has been a great starter and road map for the work.”